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Different Types of Overhead Cranes

Different Types of Overhead Cranes

Different types of overhead cranes can be found listed in this article. Learn the different types of overhead cranes that are used in the construction industry.

What are the different types of overhead cranes?

Single Girder Overhead Crane

The single girder overhead crane has a beam reinforced on each side by an end truck. At the bottom flange of a bridge is called a single girder overhead crane also known as an underhung. The single girder overhead crane stands less costly for the following reasons:

With a top running crane, the beam bridge runs on railings along the top of the runway beams. Unlike, an under-running crane, the beam bridges are reinforced by the base of the runway beams, and the crane wheels handle along the bottom of the lower beam flange.

Top Running Crane

The top running crane is very adaptable and universal, which can be used to tolerate lifts for small and large loads.

With no limiting power, the top running crane can be utilized to tolerate lifts with small loads to very large loads. Top running cranes consist of a railing per runway, with wheels rolling on the rail, rather than on the base flange of the runway shaft.

Features of underhung cranes

Under Running or Underhung Crane

Due to the crane wheels being reinforced by the base flange of the overhead crane runway beams, which served as the crane rail, the under-running crane is even called underhung cranes. This kind of overhead crane help will create more floor area for your establishment because under-running cranes are reinforced by the top trusses or the ceiling structure.

Features of under running cranes

Other Overhead Cranes

Process Crane

A "Process crane" and "Modular crane" are two terms used to define the two separate types of overhead cranes, grouped established on crane service, lifting capacity, and application conditions. A process crane is developed for a precise need.

Modular Crane

Modular crane is also known as kit crane, consist of a better-based level electric hoist or electric trolley, which are usually used in smaller manufacturing facilities, reduced-sized factories or mills, workshops, etc. Modular cranes are types of crane which is economical and affordable material handling key for most ordinary lifting conditions.

Portable Gantry Crane

A portable gantry crane is adjustable, which can be substituted and relocated, which is featured as swift, effortless activity to and from a worksite.

Gantry Crane

Unlike an overhead crane, a gantry crane operates on rails either implanted in or on the top of the foundation or ground structure legs support the bridge, electric trolley, and hoist. Gantry cranes also can be grouped into different crane types, in terms of gantry designs, including:

Adjustable Gantry Crane

A adjustable gantry crane are designed for warehousing applications, where the movement of materials is required to go through aisles, doorways, around obstacles, and over or under obstructions. An adaptable gantry crane is usually utilized to lift loads and supplies into place in a welding shop, fabrication shops and etc.

Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

Rail-mounted gantry cranes are used for transferring heavy loads over a fixed course.

Monorail Crane

A Monorail crane consists of a trolley or hoist, suspended from the lower flange of an I-beam for transferring loads on a straight or curved track. With a monorail crane, loads can be moved in a straight line, or branch out to different departments using curves, switches, and changes in height based on the rail structures. Cost-effective universal fixes many assembly line issues and warehouse production.

Jib Crane

Depending on the type of jib crane they are usually mounted on walls columns with different lifting limits and heights. Jib cranes are useful for warehouses, small spaces, and fabricated economically for small radiuses.

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