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How To Save Money On Fuel for Service Trucks

How To Save Money On Fuel

Suggestions for mitigating the effects of fuel prices.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG, the organizers of the exhibition, sent Service Truck Magazine an article with recommendations for reducing the impact of rising fuel prices on fleets and service truck operators. One of the most efficient strategies is to compare gas and diesel rates using applications like Gas Buddy and Drivvo. Here are five other approaches:

  1. Use fuel management software: Fuel management software, such as Syntech's FuelMaster, may generate reports with vital information such as vehicle number, fuel quantity, date, time, product, and expenses. The program can assist decrease fuel theft and identify any faults that may be affecting fuel efficiency.

  2. Make use of vehicle telematics: Telematic data such as idle time, gasoline burned when idle, and fuel burn rate can provide significant insights into fuel efficiency and equipment usage. Telematics solutions, like John Deere's JDLink, may compare data throughout the fleet, evaluate machine usage data, and find areas for improvement.

  3. Transparency with Customers: Instead of constructing contracts that bind customers to fixed mileage prices, add a fuel tax to account for rising fuel costs. Customers have complete transparency when it comes to fuel surcharges, with the rate based on publicly available data sources and changed weekly.

  4. Convert vehicles to Compressed Natural Gas Hybrids (CNG): Converting vehicles to run on CNG and gasoline or diesel saves money because CNG is $2.52 per gallon and reduces emissions. Importantly, Green Energy Solutions' conversion kits efficiently convert automobiles to dual-fuel hybrids that run on 20-30% CNG. Because CNG is a renewable, clean-burning biofuel, businesses that convert to it receive government incentives.

  5. Machine Maintenance: Skimping on maintenance can have a negative impact on fuel efficiency over time. Water, sediment in the air, and fuel lines and filters should be checked since they might contribute to inefficient fuel consumption.

According to Business Development Manager Kyle Flint, by converting the majority of their truck fleet, one of their clients, B&H Construction, was able to dramatically lower their fuel costs from $11,600 per employee to $4,800 per employee. Service truck operators and fleets can cut fuel costs and enhance efficiency while reducing their environmental effects by using the measures outlined above.

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